Davis Disaster Consulting has been in business since 2014 and has helped several clients throughout the United States recover from tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, windstorms, and mudslides. As a full functioning disaster consulting service we have provided top notch service getting our clients reimbursed over 500 Million dollars in disaster funding. As a small Minority Owned business Davis Disaster Consulting prides itself in becoming a part of the affected communities in which they are fortunate enough to work.

Davis Disaster Consulting has a proven track record of maximizing recovery while making clients more resilient in the future. By using the expertise developed over the past 12 years of disaster experience by our leadership we are able to seamlessly navigate through the tedious disaster grant process.

Davis Disaster Consulting has worked over 10 FEMA declared disasters and has numerous on-call contracts throughout the United States. We have developed an exclusive project tracking tool that allows us to ensure eligibility throughout the disaster recovery process. The scope and version tracker has been utilized throughout the United States and give clients their best chance to get all eligible funds that they are entitled.

Key To Recovery

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Capturing accurate damage descriptions

  • Detailed damage descriptions allow for an accurate cost estimate and scope of work to be developed
  • Applicants have 60 days to identify all damages to FEMA after Kickoff Meeting
  • Without accurate damage descriptions it impedes on recovery time

Developing Project Worksheets

  • Developing strong PW’s allows you to maximize recovery while making your agency more resilient for future events
  • During formulation it is an applicant’s opportunity to develop the following:
    • 1. Accurate scope of work
    • 2. Capturing detailed work complete contract and force account
    • 3. Hazardous Mitigation Proposal
    • 4. Join PAAP program, if feasible
    • 5. Apply for Improved Projects
    • 6. Apply for Alternate Projects
    • 7. Build to applicable Codes & Standards adopted
    • 8. Capturing DAC funds available per PW
  • Without accurate damage descriptions it impedes on recovery time

Completing permanent repairs on eligible work

  • Properly procuring contract work
  • Tracking of Force Account labor, equipment, and materials(detailed enough to get reimbursed)
  • Tracking cost for RFR submittals on a PW by PW basis

Scope and Version Process & Closeout

  • Writing closeout packages
  • Tracking all scope changes to ensure applicants adhere to FEMA policy and procedure.
  • No work should be performed outside of the scope with informing the State & FEMA.
  • Developing project tracking SOP to help track cost associated with each Site obligated in PW

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